The HIV Trainees Club has been formed for those trainees with an interest in HIV medicine, infectious disease, GU medicine and those in general medicine who have responsibility for HIV patients. It is open to SpRs/STs and Research Fellows in all training grades. The Club acts as an educational facility and provides all members with a national network for mutual support and advice.

It offers:

  • An opportunity to meet other SpRs across the country, and have teaching from, as well as the opportunity to talk to, consultants leading in their fields
  • Workshops offering mixed programme of scientific topics plus sessions on training and education matters, and management skills
  • The opportunity to be elected to sit on the HIVTC committee to represent an area of the country, participating in activities linked with BHIVA, the Federation of HIV Associations (FHIVA) and research collaborations such as TCARQ, with opportunities to attend linked conferences.
  • A forum for discussion on matters of professional concern in particular to HIV trainees (for example we were able to canvass opinion from trainees on the imposed training contract)
  • Updates from HIV conferences via the @hivtc twitter handle
  • An online repository accessible by password for members to access previous workshop talks

The Committee is run by a group of SpRs/STs in both specialities representing all regions and grades, and has its own independent secretariat. (See our Committee page.)