That this organisation shall be called “HIV Trainees Club”.


That this organisation shall consist of Chairman and Committee representing all regions and including one member from each year of the SpR/ST3+ grade, in addition to ordinary members.


That the object of the organisation shall be to represent the interests of specialist trainees in infectious diseases and GU medicine.


That the aims of the organisation shall be:


              –            to provide an opportunity for members meetings for both educational

                           and social purposes


              –            to foster relations with other organisations (e.g. BHIVA, BASHH, BIA)

                           which are involved in the education and training of the membership,

                           and with trainees amongst other disciplines who are involved in

                           HIV care


              –            to provide a forum for members to discuss matters related to training

                           and the transition to future posts


  • to provide Associate Membership to GPwSI, SAS Doctors, Consultants, Pharmacists and Specialist Nurses (a fee is payable of £25-£30 for attendance at workshops)





Rules of Procedure


  1. The minimum number of members on the committee shall be 8.


  1. The number of committee members necessary for a quorum shall be 4.


  1. The committee shall meet at least twice each year.


  1. Election of chairman and committee:


              Election of chairman


Candidates will be proposed from within the committee and members will be notified in advance of nominations and asked to vote.   In the event of a tie, the out-going chairman will be authorised to use his/her casting vote.   The first appointed chairman will serve for a period of 18 months, and thereafter for a minimum of one year only.  Co-chairing of HIVTC by up to 2 committee members is permitted. The longest serving time for Chair is to be two years.      


Election of committee


Nominations for each region from the membership will be sought in advance and nominees will be notified prior to the annual general meeting.   If only one applicant should apply to represent a region, they will automatically go forward to the AGM for endorsement by members.   If no nominations are received for a region by the closing date, then applicants will be sought at the AGM, and voting will be by secret ballot.


The regions to be represented are:  Wales, S.West Peninsula and Severn, Wessex/Thames Valley, London/South East, N. Ireland, Midlands, East of England, North West, North East/Yorkshire, Scotland, ST3, ID


If after election of regional representatives, Year 1 of the specialist trainee grade is not represented on the committee, nominations will be invited from the floor at the time of the AGM and a show of hands will be requested. 


A committee member, on taking up the post, should:


  1. undertake to attend at least one committee meeting and one of the Club’s workshops in the course of the year. If the member fails to meet this requirement, their position on the committee would be terminated


  1. the length of service on the committee is a maximum of 3 years, but if no candidate comes forward for that region at the end of this term, then the incumbent could remain on the committee for a further year (when the vacancy would be advertised again).


Rules of Membership


  1. Membership of the HIV Trainees Club will include:


              Doctors in training who hold an NTN or LAT post in infectious diseases and



  1. Membership should terminate at the end of the Annual General Meeting following

              consultant appointment.




Updated December 2017